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Cooling System Diagnostics

It is a typical summer day in Georgia, so we can go ahead and say it is very hot and extremely humid. These kinds of conditions can leave you hot and frustrated. Why add even more stress by choosing a contractor that you are unsure about and wonder whether they will be honest, competent, and capable of repairing ​your system today? Call Weldon Smith Services and we will take care of all of your worries and put your mind to rest and get your home cooling down again quickly. Our trucks are fully stocked at all times and our technicians are among the best in the business at getting your system working again quickly and without putting a strain on your finances. We always charge an upfront diagnostic charge which is not to be waved if you require a repair. This is the only way to ensure that you recieve an accurate and honest diagnostic. Many contractors advertise free diagnostic with repair and only use this as a bait and switch tactic to  enter your home and use high pressure sales tactics to try and force replacement or use it as a way to  inflate repair costs. After all, nothing is free and whether you want to believe it our not, they will recoup that cost somehow.

Do you ave any questions about your home's efficiency or want to talk about the maintenance or repair work we are performing? We always welcome you to come outside and speak with us while we fix your system. We are already at your home, any questions you have about home efficiency and what you can do to keep your utility bills down we would be glad to inform you about. So call us today, (770) 941-4696. We would love for today to be start of a long relationship that will be beneficial to all.

The Weldon Smith Services Advantage:

  • One year warranty on parts and labor for all repairs.

  • Courteous and competent technicians.

  • Guaranteed Appointment Times.

  • 30 years experience of solving all types of Heating and Cooling system problems.

  • Local and honest, we are your neighbors and a part of the community.

  • Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed.

  • Family owned and operated, you can always talk to and consult with Weldon, the owner, and Caleb, his son, about any issues or ideas you have concerning the comfort in your home.