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Referral Program

We have recently introduced a referral program open to all clients and employees. Our customers are some of the best in the world and they are what keeps our business thriving. For this, we have come out with a program that has rewards for all types of referrals and even a way to put cash in your pocket for spreading the word about us to your friends, family, and even co-workers.     


Referral Program Guidelines

This program is open to all Employees and Clients. Referrals must be someone that we have not worked for for over 5 years.
Referral Bonuses will go as follows:
- Service or Repair referral $20.00*
- Full System Replacement $50.00
- Furnace Replacement $25.00
- Outdoor Unit Replacement $25.00

*Service or Repair Referral counts as the initial referral reward. This means that if you were to refer someone to us, we will initially give you a $20.00 coupon for the reward. We will then make a service visit, diagnostic visit, or a replacement estimate visit to your referral's home. Depending upon the type of service your referral requires, bonuses are added to you initial referral reward. For instance; if you referred a customer who bought an outdoor unit during or after our first visit to their home, your referral reward would apply as follows: $20.00 (for initial referral) + $25.00 (for outdoor unit) = $45.00 in total rewards good for use off of any service we provide. No time limit on accumulation

Weldon Smith Services reserves the right to end this program or alter it at any time. All referrals are subject to our discretion and have to meet our criteria for accepting new customers (for instance, they have to be in our service area).
Thank You For Your Patronage