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AC Repair Experts

If you find yourself in need of an HVAC contractor, it is normally on one of two days, the hottest or the coldest. Unfortunately, this may put a pressure on your decision-making process in attempt to get your system up and running as quickly as possible. There are hundreds of HVAC contractors in metro Atlanta, so why choose us? We may be a little bias, but we believe the answer is simple: We are the best. That statement may be subject to interpretation, but 35 successful years in business and our many 5-star reviews do help back us up.

Our goal is to simplify your decision process. We don't want to "muddy the water" with all sorts of tricks and gimmicks to rope you in with the promise of something for "free". Your home's heating and cooling system is an investment, and it is worth protecting. You don't want just anyone working on one of the most expensive appliances in your home that works tirelessly without notice. You want a company that values your time, intelligence, and satisfaction. Everyone knows that in this world, nothing is free. So where is the cost hiding? Well, for some companies its hiding in repair costs. The diagnostic may be free but try to reject the repair and suddenly there is a charge. Others bury it in exorbitant refrigerant prices, high pressure up-selling, or in the worst case, an untrained technician. Save yourself from scratching your head trying to figure what you got for “free” and realize this is a ploy to raise customer conversion rates and average invoice costs at your expense.

We charge an upfront and reasonable diagnostic rate of $75.00. Beyond the diagnostic, our pricing is fair. We have some of the best rates in the metro. For instance, we only charge $68.00 per lb. for R-22 (Freon). Our replacement motor and small parts prices are nearly half of what some the largest companies in town charge. I am not writing this to brag, it is simply the truth. We have lower overhead, we are efficient, and we put a lot of time and effort into purchasing. We are in the repair business, not the high-volume replacement business. Higher repair costs help drive replacement sales, its just another sales tactic.

Enough about pricing, the best thing about our company is our confidence. We are confident in our diagnosis of your system. We don’t change parts. We change the right part. You won’t pay for anything unnecessary.

Before you call, here are a few things to check:

  1. Ensure all breakers are on and not tripped. Also, check switches that control your furnace and ensure they are in the “on” position.

  2. Check your filter. 1” filters should be changed every 3 months. 4”-5” filter should be checked and changed every 9-12 months.

  3. Check to make sure your thermostat is set appropriately.

  4. Check the batteries in your thermostat.

  5. Check for a clogged drain that may be tripping a safety device. Many systems are equipped with overflow safety switches that will turn the AC off prior to overflowing with condensation water. These switches also sometimes get bumped accidentally by moving something around the unit.

Lastly, if you suspect your system has frozen over, turn the system off and place the fan switch in the “ON” position several hours prior to a technician arriving to your home or business. This will save you time and money. It will also help save your system from possible damage.

Make the right call, (770) 941-4696.

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